How to obtain your ticket bought on Fnac Tickets

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How to obtain your ticket bought on Fnac Tickets

When you buy a ticket on fnac, you can choose how to collect your ticket, depending on the event. Three options:

  • Print it at home: For some events, e-tickets are available. In this case, and only in this one, you can print your ticket at home. This option is available only on events where the e-ticket icon e-ticket is apparent.
  • Get it at one of our stores: You can always choose to get your ticket at one of our FNAC stores, located throughout France, Switzerland and Belgium (find the closest store). To obtain your ticket, you have to go to the ticket sales area and show both your passport and the credit card used for the payment. Your card is only used as a link to your order and will not be charged.
  • Receive it by post: Until x days before the event, you can choose to receive your ticket at home by post. If you want to receive it outside France, WE HIGHLY RECOMMAND YOU TO CHOOSE ONE OF THE TWO OPTIONS MENTIONNED ABOVE.

IMPORTANT : you will never be able to get your ticket directly at the venue of your event. If e-tickets are not available and if you can't receive it at home, the only way to obtain your ticket is to get it at one of our stores.