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These general terms and conditions govern the sales of event tickets on the Fnac Tickets. This service is purpose by Fnac Tickets. These conditions apply to the exclusion of any other conditions, notably those in force on in-store sales. However some of the activities offered, in particular sports activities, may include specific and special conditions. Such special conditions are indicated in the description of each event in question. Fnac Tickets acts as representative of event organisers/producers. Consequently, these general terms and conditions of sale only concern the ticket sales service.

Tickets booked on are strictly reserved to individual customers.


1.1 Event ticket prices are given in French Francs and Euros, inclusive of tax and exclusive of postage and handling fees as indicated below in article 8.4.

1.2 Different rates may be on offer depending on the event. If a group rate is offered, a minimum number of seats determined by the organiser is obligatory (generally between 15 and 20, allowing for exceptions).

1.3 On the organiser's request, you will receive vouchers instead of tickets for certain events: in this case, the tickets are to be picked up, in exchange for the vouchers, at theatre entrance 30 min before the start of the event.

1.4 Unless otherwise stated, the total number of reserved seats per person cannot exceed:
- 15 for same event and for the same rate
- 20 in total, for various rates (on one or more events).

1.5 All orders whatever their country of origin are payable in Euros.

1.6 Fnac Tickets reserves the right to change its prices at any time but products will be invoiced on the basis on rates in force at the time of the order being registered.

1.7 Event tickets remain the property of the event organiser until the price has been fully and permanently cashed in by Fnac Tickets.


Reservations for event tickets are made in real time.

Our server therefore informs you in real time of the ticket availability at the time when you place your order.
If one of the types of seats requested is not available, our server will automatically offer the best remaining seats.

The "Your reservation" page in the basket allows you to check that the seats that have been allocated to you are suitable. Indeed, if the number of seats requested is higher than the number of places remaining in the chosen category, and priority being given to the number of seats requested, this may result in seats being distributed amongst the category requested and other categories, or seats being allocated which are not side by side.

If the seats aren't suitable, you can cancel them on the "Your reservation" page by clicking on the corresponding "Cancel" button.


When making your reservation, your seats can be highlighted on the seating plan if the latter is available, if the seats are numbered and if you have chosen to pay your order by credit card.
The location of your seats on this plan is only provided as a guide and is as accurate as possible. However, depending on the actual size of the theatre which figures on the plan, the location might either indicate the precise seat location or the area in which the seats are situated.


Depending on the amount of time between the date you make your reservation and the date the event is to take place, you will be given the choice of two payment options.

4.1 If the event is to take place more than 15 days after the date of reservation, you will be given two payment options: by cheque or by credit card.

4.1.1 Paying by cheque (selecting the payment option by cheque) equals to taking an option. We recommend sending us your cheque within 48 hours so that we can validate your option. The cheque is to be made payable to RESEAU FRANCE BILLET / FNAC, our service provider, at the following address:
France Billet Service clients Les Mercuriales 40 rue Jean Jaurès 93170 BAGNOLET

Don't forget to write your order number on the back of your cheque to help us to validate your option. This number is given on the « Your order » page at the end of your order, as well as in the order confirmation emails which will be sent to you. This number is made up of 11 characters (letters and numbers). Your option will remain valid for 6 days. If we have not received your cheque by this time, your option will be automatically cancelled. Your option will only be validated once we have received your cheque: to find out if we have received your cheque, you can consult your order status on, in the "Your orders at a glance" section of the My Account tab. The seats will be allocated to you once we have received your cheque corresponding to the category of seats you requested. However, depending on availability, these seats may not be side by side.
NB: your tickets will only be sent to you once we receive confirmation that your cheque has been cashed in.
Fnac Tickets cannot be held responsible for any delays which may occur in the cheque being dispatched.

4.1.2 Paying by credit card allows you to immediately and permanently reserve your tickets online. Cards accepted for payment of a an order for event tickets are the Carte Bleu / Visa and Eurocard / Mastercard / American Express network cards.

4.2 If the amount of time between the date of reservation and the date of the event is less than 15 days, we cannot guarantee that your tickets would be received on time. Consequently, for a period of less than 15 days, your only option will be to pay by credit card.

4.3 Only one payment option is allowed per event order.

4.3.1 If one of the events contained in your basket is subject to a set payment option, this determines the payment option for the whole basket. In this case, you will be informed of the arrangement.

4.3.2 If a number of events in your basket are subject to set and incompatible payment options, your order can be divided up.


5.1 Sécurisation des paiements

Notre site fait l'objet d'un système de sécurisation.

5.1 Payment protection

Our website is protected by a security system.
We have chosen to use SSL encrypting but have also reinforced all the scrambling and encrypting procedures in order to more efficiently protect all sensitive data linked to payment methods.

5.2 Personal data
5.2.1 Your personal information and data, needed to carry out your orders, are stocked in 2 different databases:

- Data is stocked in your Personal Account by Fnac Tickets : this data allows your transaction to be carried out successfully. Moreover, this data, once recorded, will enable you to carry out your future transactions more quickly.
- The data is also stocked by BILLETEL application, our central event ticket reservation server. It allows us to send you your tickets, and possibly contact you, as much as possible, if an event has been cancelled or the date, time or place of an event for which you have seats reserved has been changed. Within the framework of event organisation and of your order, the data is also liable to be communicated to organisers/producers on whose behalf we act.
In accordance with the Computing and freedoms law of 6th January 1978, you have the right to access and correct your personal information used by contacting Fnac Tickets, Customer Services, 93538 AUBERVILLIERS cedex, France, giving us your surname, first name, address and if possible your customer reference number.

- To access your personal details saved by BILLETEL application, you just have to tell us on line or by post, giving us your surname, first name, address and if possible your customer reference number. You can used our "Contact us" form.

Address: France Billet Service clients Les Mercuriales 40 rue Jean Jaurès 93170 BAGNOLET.

Through us, you can also receive, by post, offers and deals from the Fnac Tickets, from the Fnac Tickets group's companies and brands and from our partners. If you would rather not receive these, please write to Fnac Tickets at the address above.

In addition, depending on your registration form choices, you can be led to receive offers from companies and makes of the Fnac group by email. If you would rather not receive these, you can make your request at any time in the "Personal details" section of My Account.

We advice you that data could be send to partners outside of Europeen Union for custom service management. Garanties follow have been taken to ensure privates data protection : DATA transfer has been allowed by CNIL and set by contract from Europeen Commission (n° is in progress).


You declare having read and accepted these general terms and conditions of sale before placing your order. By confirming your order, you are accepting these general terms and conditions of sale.
Except proof to the contrary, the data registered by Fnac Tickets constitutes proof of all of the transactions made through Fnac Tickets and its clients.

Your ticket order is only permanently confirmed and only binds Fnac Tickets after the email confirming the validation of the event order has been received.
Consequently, please consult your email inbox.


7.1 The conditions of dispatch of the event tickets are specific and independent from the conditions of delivery of other articles sold. In particular, 24h delivery and pick-up at a Relais Colis do not apply to event tickets.

7.2 The method of obtaining your tickets is linked to the payment option you have chosen and the amount of time between the date of the reservation and the date of the event.

7.2.1 If the amount of time between the date of the reservation and the date of the event is more than 15 days, you will be given the choice of paying by credit card and by cheque.
- The immediate credit card payment allows you to choose between having your tickets sent to your address or picking them up at one of our sales outlets.
- Tickets will automatically be sent out to you if you are paying by cheque.

7.2.2 If the amount of time between the date of reservation and the date of the event is 10 to 15 days, your only option will be to pay by credit card. You will be given the choice of having your tickets sent to your address, picking them up at one of our sales outlets or print at home

7.2.3 If the amount of time between the date of the reservation and the date of the event is less than 10 days, your only option will be to pay by credit card and pick up the tickets at one of our sales outlets.

7.3 Pick up at a sales outlet

7.3.1 To guarantee maximum security for your payment, tickets can only be picked up on presentation of the credit card used for payment, the Identity Card of its owner and the order number. Without this card and identification, you will not be able to pick up your tickets.

7.3.2 For all credit card payments, the credit card is only debited once the order on has been finally confirmed.
The credit card being debited is independent from the effective pick-up of the tickets. In any case, the tickets have been paid for even if you do not pick up your tickets at one of our sales outlet.

7.4 Unnumbered tickets and vouchers are sent by recorded delivery (an average of 8,50 ¤ for postage and handling fees). Numbered tickets can either be sent by normal post (average of 4,50 ¤ for postage and handling fees) or recorded delivery.

For dispatches abroad, postage and handling fees amount to 14,90 ¤.

7.5 The receipt and tickets are sent to the delivery address you gave when placing the order (home or other address).

7.6 Specific conditions for the Print at Home Ticket : the Print at Home ticket makes it possible for you to print the tickets which have been bought on an ordinary printer from an Internet access.

7.6.1 In order to be valid, your ticket must be printed in Portrait mode, on a sheet, blank on both sides. For each purchased seat there corresponds a ticket.

7.6.2 Security : our Print at Home tickets present a unique bar code. The validity of the tickets is checked at the entrance with the help of bar code readers. It is impossible to be admitted entrance several times with the same ticket. The reproduction of tickets is forbidden and will not give you any advantage. Only the first person who presents the ticket will be admitted to attend the event. She is presumed to be the lawful holder of the ticket. That is why it is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate or counterfeit the ticket in any way, or to put it at disposal to such ends. Keep your ticket in a safe place. Use exclusively an official sales circuit to buy your ticket. Never accept a ticket which is proposed by an unknown person, because it could be a copy.
The organiser can refuse entrance when several printings, reproductions, copies or imitations of a print at Home ticket circulate and when entrance to the event has already been given to the holder of a printing, a reproduction, a copy or an imitation of the corresponding Print at Home ticket. The organiser is not notably obliged to check the identity of the person who presents the Print at Home ticket in order to verify this person actually bought the tickets, and is not obliged either to check the authenticity of the Print at Home ticket in so far as the imitation or the copy cannot be undoubtedly identified as such when checking the entrance to the event. If the holder of a Print at Home ticket is turned down for this reason when checking the entrance ,thereis no right to be refunded of the price.

7.6.3. You can purchase from home ; and get your tickets instantaneously, without waiting to receive them by mail, or without having to go to a shop. It is a new service which is proposed to you. This service needed technological developments which make it possible to produce your ticket and to give the necessary information so that you are admitted entrance. As such, we charge you fees.

7.6.4. Your Print at Home Tickets are constantly available until the date of the event on the Internet site where you have bought your tickets
In order to get them again :

  • go to My Account. Give your identity.
  • Go to My Orders ; select the order line with the tickets you wish to print by clicking at the end of the line on " For further information".
  • Detail on the order line: click on the printer at the end of the order line .
  • Printing of the tickets. One line of printing is available to print each ticket. Click on the printer to print each ticket.

The buyer of the tickets takes all the required precautionary measures in order to keep his password secret and to prevent any use by unauthorized persons or any infringement.

7.6.5 - Fnac Tickets accepts no responsibility : for the faults which may appear during the process of ordering, of treating or printing of the Print at Home ticket in so fas as Fnac has not caused them deliberately or as a result of negligence in case of loss, theft or illicit use of the Print at Home ticket.

The payment of the cancelled events made with Print at Home tickets is automatically refunded to the buyer of the tickets by means of a credit on the credit card indicated when ordering. The right to be refunded reverts exclusively to the buyer of the tickets who is mentioned on the Print at Home ticket and it cannot be handed over.


8.1 An event ticket cannot be reimbursed, even if lost or stolen, and cannot be returned or exchanged, except if the event is cancelled or the organiser decides to refund the tickets. A ticket cannot be resold at a higher price than the face value. Only the ticket buyer can be refunded against original ticket. In all cases, no charges of any nature whatsoever, will be refunded or compensated. No duplicate ticket can be issued including any loss or theft. When checking at the entrance of event location, identification, with photo, valid may be required and it must match the name on the ticket if it is registered.

8.2 Events take place under the sole responsibility of the organiser. Fnac Tickets cannot, in any circumstances, be held liable.

8.3 If a cancellation or change in the date, time or place of an event for which you have reserved seats is announced, you agree to Fnac Tickets, as much as possible and after having been informed by the organiser, using the contact details you gave when making your reservation to keep you informed of the steps to take.
In any case, we advise you to check for any changes 24 hours before your event, by telephone on 01 41 57 32 19 (prix d'un appel local) or in one of our sales outlets.


For any information or questions, please contact our customer services department:

By Telephone: 01 41 57 32 19 (prix d'un appel local), Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.

If you're calling from abroad the number is: + 33 1 41 57 32 19

By Post:France Billet Service clients Les Mercuriales 40 rue Jean Jaurès 93170 BAGNOLET.
By Email: Contact us by email

You can also at any moment follow your event order status online at on the My account tab, in the "Your orders at a glance" section.


For the transport or delivery of your tickets, Fnac Tickets gives you the choice between picking up your tickets instore and choosing from different postal transport methods with outside service providers. As such, and despite the competence of the service providers offered, we recommend that you pick up your tickets instore


Ticket sales referred to in these terms and conditions are subject to French law.
In the event of a dispute, only the French courts will have jurisdiction.