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Information importante: Le concert initialement prévu le 23/04/20 à 19h00 est reporté au 19/02/21 à 19h00
Les billets déjà achetés seront valables pour la date de report.

Important information: The concert initially scheduled at den Atelier on 04/23/2020 at 07h00 pm , has had to be postponed to the 02/19/21 at 07h00 pm. Venue remain the same, also tickets remain valid for the new date.

– 10cc’s energies were not centred on image or celebrity-status, but on creating highly sophisticated rock masterworks with mainstream appeal.

 Among the most inventive and influential bands in the history of popular music, 10cc are one of the very few acts to have achieved commercial, critical and creative success in equal measure. 10cc ruled the pop world at a time – the 1970s – when the charts were dominated by some of the most creative and colourful artistes in pop history. Unlike David Bowie, Queen, Elton John or Rod Stewart – all of whom they stood shoulder-to-shoulder with for a decade 


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Rue de Hollerich , 2518 LUXEMBOURG VILLE - See calendar

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